Avani Bio Energy seeks to create and supply low cost electricity in rural Uttarakhand through small-scale, village-based power plants. These power plants will ensure easy and quick transport of pine needles over small distances involving maximum travel of 1500 meters. Avani Bio Energy developed the process of using pine needles in gasification systems to form ‘producer gas’ which is cleaned and used in internal combustion systems to generate power.

The village-level plant has an impact on employment, biodiversity and carbon emission. The recipient of many awards and recognitions, Avani Bio Energy’s future strategy is to set up 20 new power plants, bringing electrical and cooking energy to 250,000 people.  With the establishment of the new plants, Avani plans to generate 2000 jobs, restore 4000 hectares of forest and earn 60,000 carbon credits.  Savings on carbon emissions will allow Avani to sell credits to organizations looking for projects to offset their carbon footprints.

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Finalist - Clean Energy & , Sankalp Awards for India 2013