After working with one of the world’s most polluting industries, textiles, for 17 years, we realised the pollution & harm it was causing to people and the environment. This led us to research on options that were not only non-toxic but scalable too. We knew that industrial transformation & awareness was the only solution.

Through our innovative process of producing herbal textiles and dyes, we want our business to help in impeding pollution and the harm caused by regular textile dyes. We also take pride in the fact that recycling the solid as well as liquid waste produced, allows us to produce fabric that is 100% Eco-friendly.We launched our in house retail brand “Aura” two years ago. Through direct consumer interaction at company-owned stores we hope to inspire a paradigm shift in the market, one where all would opt for sustainable clothing and lifestyle products without compromising on design or quality. At Aura, we believe in paying back the “dews” we owe to the nature, in living and dyeing naturally.

Team: Sonal Baid and Arun Baid

Press & Media: Social Story, Economic Times, Business Standard

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Winner - Clean Energy/Technology Sector, Sankalp Awards for India 2014; USA Patent; India Patent; CIIE Innovation Incubatee in Clean tech; Certified By GOTS ( Global Organic Standards)