Surgical drills cost USD 30,000+, which is far beyond the budgetary constraints of most hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa and the Global South. The only other affordable options are off-the-shelf hardware drills which are unsterile and cause infection, or hand drills which are labor and time intensive and cause significant damage to the bone.

Launched in 2014, Arbutus is a medical device company developing affordable, world-class medical devices. Their flagship product is an affordable surgical drill kit. The Drill Cover increases efficiency and accuracy, while reducing the capital cost of orthopedic drills allowing surgeons to safely use a low-cost hardware drill within a clean surgical environment.  Arbutus sells the Drill Cover in combo kits which include a low-cost hardware drill and a set of five sterile covers


Team: Florin Gheorghe, Co-Founder and CEO; Michael Cancilla, Director, Engineering; Elise Huisman, Director, Clinical

Press & Media: BBC

In September 2014, Arbutus received funding of $100k as the winner of Grand Challenges Canada