At Akshayakalpa, we aspire to provide a new stimulus to sagging agricultural economy in the country by incubating rural-entrepreneurship based business models. In our first phase, we have targeted the production of organic milk and milk products as an enterprise to provide gainful income generation opportunities to farmers.

We follow a hub and spoke model, where a central unit provides services like vet-care, engineering and design automation, marketing, banking, etc. We help in setting up of farmer-owned and operated satellite farms that are optimally automated, which reduces drudgery and ensures quality of milk. Automation is supported by biogas-based power. A farm of 25 cows can be easily managed by 2 persons and provide families with an income of almost INR 50,000 a month. This will be the first organized effort for organic milk and milk products production of substantial scale in India.

Team: Dr GNS Reddy and Shashi Kumar

Press & Media: The Hindu – Article 1, Article 2 & Article 3

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Finalist - Agriculture, Food & Livelihoods Sector, Sankalp Awards for India 2014