At Aaji Care-at-Home Services, we aim to redefine non-medical personal Care services offered at home to families with patient, seniors, kids and differently abled persons. In today’s market, most of these care needs are fulfilled by untrained, uneducated and unsafe resources. In most of the cases there is a huge gap between family’s expectations and what they receive from existing options of various man power providers. Currently we offer 3 basic services for senior, patient care and child care services at home. We have been able to generate win-win impact for both client and employees where families get professional, trustworthy and uninterrupted services and at the same time giving financial freedom to employees. This is an affordable option compared to nurses. We want to specialize for different needs like dementia and Alzheimer’s patients or differently abled persons. In near future we aim to include technology and innovation to solve some of the existing challenges which will further reduce cost, anxiety, safety concerns to families and make home care a better experience. With government recognition to this course in near future we can indirectly impact more than 20 lakh people working in this industry and in next 5 years we want to reach more than 10 thousand families directly.

Team: Prasad Bhide, Ajay Pillai and Saroj Shinde

Press and Media: Indian Express

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Finalist - Health, Water & Sanitation Sector, Sankalp Awards for India 2014