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Empowerment can’t happen by accident: Women’s Day tweetchat

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2015, we set about to spotlight disparities – both obvious ones and those less so – that hold women back at the workplace.  Through a very passionate and engaged tweetchat, we got a wide range of opinions and some hard facts on how impact investors can help women entrepreneurs. The opinions began right from whether deliberate interventions are needed, and extended to what can be done going forward.

Sample this, in the developing world as many as 35% of all SMEs are run by women but this amounts to only 16-18% of total SME lending (source @ValueForWomen). Matters get more complicated when you factor in that lending is still largely collateral based, and women face regulatory hurdles in property inheritance.

Clearly a complex problem with no simple answers. And as Danielle Anderson (@StepandStone) put it, “Empowerment cannot happen by accident.”

Catch a storified version of the tweetchat here, to learn more about enabling efforts already under way and action plans for what can be done to truly empower women entrepreneurs.



Charisma Murari
Charisma Murari

Charisma is a baptised digital marketing junkie who loves encountering path breaking, new ideas – online and offline. Working in the entrepreneurial social development space with Intellecap, she is constantly inspired by astute innovators who are turning widely held notions upside down.

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