Collaboration for Impact facility

Application Guideline for Intellecap and USAID – Collaboration for Impact Facility To apply for the Intellecap Collaboration for Impact Facility, please provide the following information:

  • Summary Information
    1. Project title
    2. Name of the corporate (if identified already)
    3. Name of the SGB (if identified already)
    4. Total amount of the collaboration project
    5. Country of the project
    6. Brief description of the objective of the collaboration
    7. Brief description of the expected social impacts of the collaboration
  • Organizational Information
    1. Lead organization name/address
    2. Brief description of organization(s)
    3. Organization’s annual budget
    4. Proposal main contact point
  • Narrative description of the collaboration, including
    1. The problem: Outline the specific challenges that you as a corporate/SGB are facing and how you expect the proposed partnership(s) will address these challenges
    2. The solution: Outline the collaboration and partnership proposal and how you expect it to contribute to the scale-up of the inclusive business model and the creation of social impacts
    3. Risks and mitigation: Outline the biggest risks or challenges that may affect the success of the initiative and how these will be addressed
    4. Sustainability and scale: Outline how sustainability and scale of the collaboration will be achieved
    5. Resources: Outline the cost share of the proposed initiative
    6. Partnerships: Outline how other partners could be critical to the success of the partnership.

Selection Criteria The proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Criteria Description
Clarity Is the partnership and collaboration project clearly articulated?
Innovation Is the partnership innovative in nature? Will the facility catalyse an innovation that otherwise would not happen?
Additionality Does the co-investment by the facility create an additional value? Is the co-investment by the facility justified?
Feasibility Is the partnership and collaboration project feasible? Is the timing, resourcing and sequencing adequate?
Internal capacity Does the organization have the means to implement the proposed project
Partnership Is the proposed partnership feasible? Is it of benefit to both parties?
Development Impact How is the proposed project impacting business growth of the corporate and the SGB? How is it impacting the ‘base of the pyramid’
Scalability How is the collaboration scalable or can be replicated in other contexts? What learnings for other collaborations can be drawn from this collaboration?
Leverage Has the organization included sufficient internal resources?

If you are interested in this initiative, please reach out to us directly:

Stefanie Bauer (Email:

Sheena Raikundalia (Email:



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