Health, Water & Sanitation

Unlikely collaborations to solve India’s sanitation problems

by Charisma Murari

Perhaps no one understands the significance of World Toilet Day like India’s 597 million people who have to defecate in the open. And there is perhaps no time like right now to ‘celebrate’ this Day in the country where the new government’s efforts to crack this problem on mission mode have generated a lot of […]

Nov 19, 2014

10 not to be missed insights from Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2014

by Zainab Kakal

The global Sankalp Summit saw over 100 speakers leading sessions and had in attendance over 422 organizations from across various development, policy and corporations sectors. They talked about the need to make scale a priority, leverage technology and think long term. If you missed the Summit – or need a quick refresher – don’t miss this bite-sized digest.

Jun 6, 2014

Cracking the Affordable Healthcare Puzzle: Our Conversation with Soalni Healthcare

by sankalpforum

The poor in India spend about INR 280 bn (USD 6.2 bn) on healthcare every year. The majority of this expenditure is on in-patient care (30%) and drugs during outpatient care (33%). In fact, poor households spend more on health-care than the average household in India! There is an acute need for social enterprises that […]

Dec 5, 2011

Choosing an incubator for your social enterprise

by Ganapathy PR

So you’ve finally succumbed, and decided to scratch your entrepreneurial itch. Not satisfied with just creating any entrepreneurial venture, you’ve decided you want to concentrate on solving some of society’s knottiest problems. You’ve decided you want to be a social entrepreneur. Getting a social enterprise started is difficult in itself. Don’t go it alone – […]

Feb 18, 2013

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