Impact Investment: Filling The Gap to Solve World’s Most Critical Problems

by Rizki Penna

The World Bank estimate in 2012 depicted that there were over 2.1 billion people, in the developing world alone, who lived on less than US $3.10 a day, with increasing levels of income inequality1. The Rockefeller Foundation has estimated that trillions of dollars are needed, including around US $2.5 trillion annual funding gap necessary to […]

Waste Management and social entrepreneurship in Indonesia – Bintang Sejahtera

by sankalpforum

As economic growth fosters consumption and boosts manufacturing output in Indonesia, the country simultaneously faces serious challenges in managing the amount of waste produced every day. Recent data from the Environment and Forest Ministry has shown that Indonesia produces an average of 0.7 kg of waste per person each day, generating an annual total of […]

Bits from the 2nd Merck-Intellecap Series: “Beyond Capital -Scaling for Impact

by sankalpforum

The Merck Series is a set of monthly eHealth seminars hosted by Merck and Intellecap at the selected locations in Nairobi, set to run until 2017. For entrepreneurs working in the eHealth sector, the series is intended t connect them to other players in the space, exchange ideas, and build the local community working in […]

Building Social Innovation Hubs Across America- Teresa Chahine

by sankalpforum

Teresa Chahine, Program Leader for Social Entrepreneurship, at Harvard University , School of Public Health, Sustainable Technologies and Health Program, wrote the book on Social Entrepreneurship, which summarizes the basic steps and tools needed to understand the challenge you are tackling, imagine and prototype potential solutions, build a business model, measure and grow your impact. With case studies […]

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