Is there a defined Social Mission?

by Kelly Yen

The “Theory of Change”, for many young social entrepreneurs, remains somewhat a vague and convoluted idea. It almost sounds too complicated for it to be a straightforward exercise, but much like a business model, this is the model by which a social purpose organisation will make a difference. Simply put, what social issues are the […]

Development Finance Institutions (DFIs): providing catalytic capital in complex emerging markets

by Shruti Goel

“It is important to address that for businesses in the ASEAN region, cultural way of understanding capital and institutional way of understanding capital is not the same. While young investors may be more open to accessing capital from the market, those from traditional schools of thought take more time in understanding the value that external […]

Addressing the Solid Waste Management Crisis in India

by Chandana Kiran

Keep yourself updated on events, trends and news from the developing world, join our Facebook page – SankalpForum In 2015, the global production of solid waste amounted to 1.3 billion tons. A detailed analysis of this figure reveals a considerable difference in the waste production of high-income and low/middle-income countries. The former have a per-capita figure which, […]

Sankalp Series – An interview with Lanny Jauhari, Torajamello

by sankalpforum

Indonesia as a country has long been associated with having a strong culture of craftsmanship. This culture has attracted entrepreneurs from within and outside Indonesia to setup and create business opportunities that benefit the communities in the region. Torajamelo has been at the forefront of these activities since 2008 and was also a Finalist at […]

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