Creative Climbing: How Impact Enterprises are Overcoming Obstacles in East Africa

by Shreejit Borthakur

This article appeared in Next Billion It’s well known that the African continent has made rapid strides in economic growth and continues to demonstrate promising avenues for investors. The continent was ranked as the world’s second-most attractive investment destination in 2013, garnering a number of traditional, angel and impact investors. East Africa has consistently been named the […]

Sankalp Series: Need to Bring the Spotlight on the West African Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, says Peter Heller, MD, Canopus Foundation

by sankalpforum

Sankalp Forum: Hi Peter, we are glad to have you with us today, and as a partner for the 4th Sankalp Africa Summit. Let us start our conversation, can you share with us a brief background of your experience and what has brought the Canopus Foundation to operate in West Africa? Peter Heller: Canopus is a […]

Agribusiness in East Africa: Innovative Social Enterprises

by Sheena Raikundalia

Social entrepreneurs are improving rural employment, empowering communities, and tackling various constraints in the food value chain The concept of social entrepreneurship, the idea of using business to solve major social and environmental problems, is gaining traction in East Africa and particularly in agriculture. Poor farming practices, inefficient processing, storage and supply chain infrastructure leads […]

Is there a defined Social Mission?

by Kelly Yen

The “Theory of Change”, for many young social entrepreneurs, remains somewhat a vague and convoluted idea. It almost sounds too complicated for it to be a straightforward exercise, but much like a business model, this is the model by which a social purpose organisation will make a difference. Simply put, what social issues are the […]

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