“You’ve come to fight as free men!”: The power of loyalty and purpose when building a startup team

by sankalpforum

By Rachel Crawford, VillageCapital Launching a startup is like going to war. I am Scottish, and therefore will shamelessly use the Scottish revolutionary hero William Wallace as my champion in this analogy about the role of people when launching a startup. William Wallace’s largest competitor and ecosystem gatekeeper was the English Crown. The Crown held […]

Supporting Entrepreneurs in Africa: The role of Philanthropic Giving and Impact Investing for Social Development Goals

by Sheena Raikundalia

There are 3 billion people living on less than US$2.50 per day nearly half of the global population. These low-income families have unmet needs which tie directly with many of the Social Development Goals (SDGs) such as food (Goal 2), water and sanitation (Goal 6), shelter (Goal 11), healthcare and livelihoods (Goals 3 and 8). Philanthropic […]

Talent is the New Capital – building an Agenda around talent and teams

by Stefanie Bauer

Bringing the Human Capital Challenge in the Spotlight A relatively recent discourse is spreading across startup ecosystems from Nairobi, to Bangalore and Jakarta: While for a very long time capital was named as number one challenge startups are facing across emerging markets, the conversation is changing as enterprises are increasingly feeling the pressure of finding […]

Spurring the spirit of inclusive entrepreneurship in Indonesia

by Heena Khushalani

Indonesia is rightly considered as one of the important emerging markets of the world. As a diverse nation of 17000 islands, it has its unique set of challenges and successes. Entrepreneurship as a concept is not new to this nation that has produced its own set of successful entrepreneurs in the traditional sectors of mining, […]

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