What is Sankalp Volunteer? 

The Sankalp Volunteer Program is a movement to empower and facilitate young innovators to participate in the enterprise-led impact movement and provide the competitively selected youth representatives with the experience, connections, and global perspectives necessary to empower them to assume leadership roles in the impact sector. Apply NOW to become a Sankalp Volunteer!

How do I apply to become a Sankalp Volunteer?

All you need to do is to complete the online form and submit it before January 31st 2014. Please do read all FAQs before submitting your application and do review our expectations from you. Upon selection, volunteers will be required to pay a commitment deposit of INR 5000 (USD 100) which will be refunded in full on the successful completion of their role.

When does the volunteer program start and end?

The volunteer program starts from March 10 and ends on April 20 2014. If selected, we want you to support our stellar team in creating maximum impact about the Summit, even prior to the actual dates of the Summit.

So, how do I contribute as a Sankalp Volunteer?

As a Sankalp Volunteer, you will be participating both as virtual and on-ground crew for the duration of the volunteer program.

As virtual participants, you will support in curating discussions and debates through our online channels or partner networks, prepare concept notes as reading material for our esteemed speakers and/or extend your support to our social media team. You may also be required to provide logistic support to our event management team such as Speaker outreach, Delegate outreach, Entrepreneur Management, etc.

As on-ground crew, you will provide critical support to our team to successfully pull off the largest conference in the sector. All volunteers will be expected to be physically present over the course of 3 days (April 9 – 11, 2014) in Mumbai, India.