Stefanie Bauer & Sheena Raikundalia

Sheena Raikundalia: Sheena is a senior consultant with Intellecap’s consulting team in Kenya working on projects with corporates, development agencies and NGOs advising on market entry, market sizing and landscape analysis of the Kenyan and East African market. She has a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Bristol and an MBA from Lord Ashcroft International Business School. Stefanie Bauer: Stefanie is passionate about entrepreneurship and collaborations that create game-changing innovations for the Base of the Pyramid. Driving the work of Intellecap's Consulting Group in Africa and having worked for German development agency GIZ for more than 6 years, Stefanie likes to connect the dots and build bridges between ecosystems in India, Africa and the Global North.

Tapping the Untapped : Opportunities for Businesses

by Stefanie Bauer & Sheena Raikundalia in Uncategorized
Jan 21st, 2016

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